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Age doesn't count!

In a short few months, I’m going to enter my 7th decade and well into
my 5th decade of Diamond Setting. Today, I was given 1,230 diamonds
to set, and this is just after 3 short weeks from spinal surgery, too
boot! My surgeon says I have 6 months for my body to adjust to the 6
Titanium screws, my mind and fingers are still anxious to work. My
client said; "Gerry, if you are willing to work again, here are some
stones to set for ‘us’.

I’m even planning to travel and do some "In-Shop, Training Sessions"
for those folks who want to learn Diamond Setting. No rest for this
young guy! The moral of this story is “Never quit, just because your
are getting old”. I’ll only quit when they drop me down a few
feet.:>) Life is too much fun to slow down, or stop!


Sixty is the new forty, you know.

Good for you!

Donna Cluny

Gerald, more power to you.

I would never want to set 1200 diamonds, at any age! still… if
you choose to do so, go for it!

I am not all that many years behind you, and I still find the bench
an exciting experience (not every day, of course: I do a lot of
repairs). I amstill expanding my skill base, and seeking to improve
my craftsmanship, and I expect to do so until they are tossing
shovels of dirt over me.


You’re just a kid. I’ll be 80 on May 2 and although I appear
terminal if you read my medical records, I’m having the best time of
my life. Between playing my new (old spinet) piano and making
jewelry, I feel optimistic and creative.

Regarding doctors, the one who told me that I’d never make it past
50 is awaiting a liver transplant.

Set those diamonds! Your marvelous mind is your most important


Amen. As a newbie, and also approaching my seventh decade, I echo
the idea. Keep busy and moving. Slowing down and stopping before they
throw dirt on me is giving up.


Gerry, I raise a glass to you!..(well, actually a mug of
tea…)…but ‘rock on’, my Orchid friend! cheers, and bless you.


Gerry. I agree with you! I am 84, just had a knee replacement 7
weeks ago. am ready to get into the studio. have students waiting. I
don’t think I am too old, what I do keeps me alert and on my toes
and how I do enjoy life. Keep on doing what you are doing and go
travel! Love hearing from youon Orchid.

Rose Marie Christison

Keep going. Next week I’m having a birthday, 93, and am still
cutting stones and making jewelry. Let’s all keep going.

Irv Baker

Haven’t got time to write much. too busy working with silver, making
bezels, polishing away, teaching my Tai Chi class and taking another
Tai Chi class, quilting a little bit. Guess I have to take a little
time out for my 88th birthday in a few days. Keep on truckin’
everybody. Mariana

I totally agree with you, Irv! I am going on 66 and took classes in
metal smithing for 3 years at age 62. To those of you out there
approaching your sixties - most state universities give classes for
free at a certain age. Take metal smithing! I thoroughly enjoyed my
classes and learned a lot. Irv, keep going! Better to talk about
other things than what is going on at a nursing home!

Gloria L.

Way to go Irv! I hope that I can do the same.


Having discovering jewelry work rather late, I am so pleased to hear
from some of the older jewelers still active and working. At least I
don’t have to worry about making a living at it, and can spend the
time to make really original work! And as long as I sell enough to
cover materials, classes, wonderful stones, and have money left
over, my husband is happy.


You said it, I’m in a wheelchair and have been interested in
metalwork and lapidary for years before I found someone willing to
teach me. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Now I assist a beginner
class at the local rock club and remind everyone to think outside the
box when there are difficulties. Sheri

More of us are continuing to work because we still enjoy it. I
certainly could retire at 77, but what would keep my mental
functions still active and alert without the opportunity to design
and build? I am also blessed withan incredible wife and partner on
this glorious trip toward the end of thepath. She just had her 83rd
birthday and chose a rather unusual approach to celebrate it. Take a
look at:

I hope that you enjoy her attitude.
Lee (the saw guy)

Wow, Lee Marshall

What an incredible lady to have as your wife. I really did enjoy
watching her give the money away Her Acts of Kindness are great.

Thanks and keep on making great tools for us.

Rose Marie Christison

Thank you for sharing this inspiring video. And a big hug for your
wife. She radiates the grace that I want in my life. It’s wonderful
to see it manifest.


splendid! lovely!..belated birthday wishes to M…and
great thanks! ~Audrey Morgan

Awww Lee, What an awesome wife you have. Pass along a hug from me,
all the way from Kansas. OK? Judy in Kansas, where she is a 'few’
years away from 77, let along 83!

I agree totally! We are all ‘terminal’ from the very day we’re born.
But we can’t miss the party because of the countdown! And we in
particular leave behind an Earth that is a better place, shaping
beautiful silver, and gold, and stones that will last thousands and
thousands of years.

  • Lorraine