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AgCl Refining



I would like to known it is possible to :-

1 - refining the pure silver (Ag) from silver chlorid (AgCl)
withot using copper (Cu)?

2 - what is the tempurate © we need to melet the AgCl?



In the book “Small Scale Refining of Jewelers Wastes”,
there is a detailed method of changing silver nitrate into silver
chloride, and then using sodium hydroxide and sugar to change it to
silver. I have no personal experience with this, although I intend to
try it out with about 10 grams. The book clearly explains the
cautions. I recommend the book as great reading for anyone interested
in refining. I also recommend “Refining Precious Metal Wastes” by
C.M. Hoke.

If you try this method please share it here. There have been a few
questions over time about converting silver nitrate to fine silver.
The first step ( an easy one) is to change it to silver chloride.