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Agate carving

While I am not real experienced in agate carving, I have used
Diamond syringe compound on the back side of naugahide “cloth” and
elbow grease. My next step is to use the diamond compound on tiny
mounted felt wheels on my flex-shaft machine. Lets keep this subject going.

Carving is such an individualized thing that I think your best bet
is to experiment. I would say there are many different ways of even
defining carving. I do many things on a Titan that many people
would consider carving but I don’t. Some prefer a fixed wheel.
Others like to use a handheld. I like both. My best recommendations
for carving are to get a flex shaft and a cabbing machine, with a
wheel assortment, buy a few sintered diamond burs. Get some good
solid hardwood to make wheels and points from and get some diamond
compounds in 180, 220, 400, 600, 1200, 3000, 8000, 14,000, 50,000
grit and some serium oxide with leather and some mandrills and
figure it out. After that try anything. That’s what I did.

Derek Levin