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[again] UPS reliability

Daniel, We have never lost a package, UPS or USPS. However we had
one that was delayed. This package (emeralds) as sent to us
without being registered or insured (oversight on senders part).
We were able to track it by filling ot forms at office where the
package was sent from. Everything has a bar code on it. Our
package was eventually delivered. Regards, Carol G

Mike & Carol
Giammatteo’s Custom Lapidary

Hi Steve: I think with the Post office being a Private
organization and not Federal and not run or governed by the
Government, you may get a good honest one or you may get one like
where I live that is a 3-ring circus and makes up their rules as
they go along. Sad but true!! I was told by our Senator Dodds
office that this goes on all the time . I wish I had more time to
make it more of an issue than I have by writing letters and
making phone calls. Thats my 2cents on sunday morning! Chris

   You say you're having trouble collecting on an insured
package. Was it first class insured or registered insured and
what reasons did the post office for delaying your claim?  I'm
not connected with the post office in any way but have used
registered insured mail for many years with not one package
lost however, if it should happen I'd like to know what
happened to you. 

I just checked with the post office again, brandishing my copy
of the form I filled out in May. It was sent first class
insured, and the postal agent said that since it was for over
$50, the claim had to go through the St. Louis office. He said
he’d make a copy of their paperwork and send it off to them, try
to nudge them along a little. The only other time I’ve had a
claim (in eighteen years), it took a couple of months. Sounds to
me like someone lost the paperwork. I think when he sends the
copy it’ll expedite things.