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[again] UPS reliability

Hi all & Happy Holidays,

I know we have visited this subject before but I think there is
still room for a little more.

I imagine alot of you saw the reliability reports that Consumer
Reports did last yr. with UPS/Fed Ex/US mail…they were right on
the money as far as my experience goes…Post Office…60% ish on
time, UPS…low 90% on time, Fed Ex…High 90% on time.

I am bringing this up again since last week I got a package from
UPS. They had delivered it to somebody that lived on block over
and a block down from me. Not even to the right street or house
#, They didn’t wait for a signature, just dropped it &
left…thank goodness the home owner was honest and brought it to
me. I caught a different driver trying to deliver a $400 jewelry
box my husband had custom made for me to a neighbor, at least
they had the right street this time. Nothing personel, but my
house is well marked and I use UPS alot, or at least I used
to…something to think about.



Karen and everybody at orchid:

I have MANY UPS horror stories that I have racked up over the
years. Once I shipped a VERY expensive computer equipment
(insured) and if arrived to it’s final destination literally
crushed like a soda can! It looked like someone took a giant
sized anvil, dropped it off a 20 story building onto my computer.
Then it took MONTHS to get money due to me because of the
insurance and I did not even get the full amount I insured it for.
Then there was the Xmas where I shipped all my presents to my

Always go with Federal Express or even the post office. Never
had a problem with either one. UPS hire a lot of part time people
or Temps who do not really care about their jobs much (most
likely because they are under paid and have no benefits). And it
also seems that large cities have bigger problems with UPS then
smaller towns. If you call UPS here in New York you are lucky if
you are given the time of day.

I hope everybodies packages arrive this holiday season on time
and in good condition!!!

Merry Xmas


I have quit using UPS they have just not been reliable since the
strike. I used to only use UPS but I have had too many bad
experiences with them lately.


James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601

Hi Karen, Happy Holidays, I’ve found that my new favorite form of
shipping in the USA, is US Express Overnight Mail. Guaranteed to
arrive the next day before noon, automatically insured for up to
$500,(see thread on UPS & FED Ex, regarding their unclear
insurance policies), and if they miss their delivery time, they
return the shipping costs to you immediately upon demand! $10.75
for 1lb and under, $15.or so for more weight. Also has the
advantage of being immediately traced if necessary. Nothing but
good things to say about this method so far.

Lisa,( temperatures dipped below 20=B0 the past few nights, sunny
California Hah! With apologies to those of you digging out from
under snow[she says upon further reflection]) Topanga, CA USA

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but the UPS delivery driver
here I commend. When we had our bead & jewelry shop we received
packages almost daily. Not one package was damaged, late,
mis-shipped, etc… and they all arrived! I have not one
complaint after several years.

God bless

To all my friends on the Orchid list:

I’ve been repairing and fabricating karat gold & platinum
jewelery for 15 years now. I’ve sent many pieces all over the
state of Michigan via regi1stered, insured U.S. mail and have
experienced no trouble 99.9% of the time. On one occasion,
someone in my small town post office misplaced a package, however
it was soon located. I realize this is not a viable method of
shipment for larger/heavier items but for jewelery, your best
value is still the U.S. mail system!


Steve Klepinger

I refuse to use anyone but Fed Ex all the time because they are
the only people we have never had a problem with and they can
track individual packages much better than any of the other
companies. Our jeweler’s block insurance covers losses over $500.
but we have never had to make a claim against Fed EX.

In addition, Express Mail will now insure to $5,000 at the rate
of 90 cents per 100

That means you can spend over $50 mailing a package, but it IS
guaranteed, both for content and mailing fees, and both are
refunded if a package is late. We use this method though it is
expensive weekly and they tend to exercise additional care for
packages insured above the standard $500 threshold.

Austin, TX.

We send all our jewelry US Postal Service/insuranced with return
receipt. Have NEVER had a piece lost, damaged or not delivered
and usually faster than Priority Mail. Some towns have great UPS
delivery people and others (such as Stillwater, OK) have terrible
ones that do not care how or if a package arrives. Learned the
hard way not to use them. On small packages (under 5 lbs) postal
service is also MUCH less expensive. jb

J. Byers

This was the first Christmas as a stay-at-home-mom, and I did a
lot of shopping via mail. The packages were shipped every way
imaginable: UPS, FedEx, U.S. Post Office, ground, two-day,
overnight. What I noticed most was that the UPS drivers no
longer bothered to ring the doorbell: they just walked as far as
the porch and dropped the box. Since I don’t have a covered
porch, a quick punch on the doorbell would have been appreciated
just to let me know that a package needed to be retrieved. The
FedEx delivery person generally at least rang the bell. She
didn’t wait for me to answer, but at least there was a ring to
let me know I should check the porch. The Post Office delivery
person not only rang the bell but waited to see if I’d answer the
door! Ironically, it was the Post Office packages that came no
signature necessary. Both the FedEx and UPS packages were
supposed to to require signatures, and only once did anyone
bother to ask (for about $50 worth of equipment: the $350
shipment they just left on the porch.)

Suzanne Wade

I’ve never had any trouble from UPS. I’ve had the US mail lose
stuff before.

I have a friend who is in a labor dispute with UPS right now,
and it’s kind of a mess. I have another friend who was
terminated after 11 years because a family member also worked
for UPS. I’m not too happy on behalf of my friends, but they’ve
always been on time for me.

Oh well!
Susan Embler

I’m still trying to collect on an insured package the US Mail
lost in May. I continue to use them,though; perhaps foolishly.
It’s the most convenient for me and my customers.

Janet Kofoed

Hi, I had to add in reference to jb praise of the US Postal
service, they are great unless you have a claim, we do a large
amount of mail order and the 3 claims we have had with them in a
year and 1/2 they would not pay, they will find every excuse in
the universe not too pay your claim! They are a private
organization that is allowed to get away with whatever they want!
I have written to congressman and state senators and have been
told by their consumer affairs person that this happens all the
time with the good ole US Post Office that is my experience in

A Unique pleace to shop!

Just an, after the barn door is closed, Karl. While insured
parcels may occasionally get lost, everyone that touches a
registered parcel must account for it and consequently, don’t
dissapear. Curtis

We have never, in twenty years, been denied a claim by the
United States Postal Service.

Like anything else, learn the game, do it right, and learn from
your mistakes (or don’t!)

Greg Fisher

HI, I have also use the postal service and for the most part have
had no problem. I have had one claim in the 2 years i have used
them. The paper work to process the claim did take some time but
the people at the post office helped me fill it out and after 30
days i did receive payment from them. My one problem with them is
that priority mail can not be traced unless you pay for a return
recept, etc.

best regards

The problem we had with the USPostal Service was that they have
no way of tracking the packages. We never had a problem with the
pay outs but what good does it do you if you can’t track the
thing within a few days?


You say you’re having trouble collecting on an insured package.
Was it first class insured or registered insured and what reasons
did the post office for delaying your claim? I’m not connected
with the post office in any way but have used registered insured
mail for many years with not one package lost however, if it
should happen I’d like to know what happened to you.

Steve Klepinger


Apparently you had trouble with normal 1st class insured mail.
With regestered insured mail, you get immediate payment instead
of waiting 30 to 60 days and I was told everyone along the way
must sign for your package(s) so the last one who shows on the
list looses thier job! Now THAT’S tracking.

Steve Klepinger

Daniel, Packages sent by registered, insured, or Express Mail,
(US post), are all trackable, all have tracking #'s. Express Mail
has a tracking #, and an 800#, that you can call in at any time
yourself, and instantaneously find both the location where, date,
and time of day that the package was delivered. Deliveries by
this method including time of delivery, are guaranteed.

Lisa, (Happy New Year everyone!), Topanga, CA USA