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[again] Purchase new flex shaft


Hi, I need some advice on the purchase of a new flex shaft. My
old Renda (an English make) has just broken down, smoke coming
from the motor, and I can’t find anyone to fix it! I have the
choice between a Procraft or Foredom. I would like some feed
back from Orchid members as to which is the best one buy.

Any Aussie Orchid members who can give me suppliers of the above
brands would be appreciated. Perth is so small that there is no
competition for price reductions. Is it worth importing from USA?
I can save A200 dollars by importing a Foredom and paying
33%sales tax. Does anyone know who repairs Foredoms in Australia?
I have contacted Rio Grande, but had no reply yet.

many thanks

Felicity (feeling poor!) in West Oz


That is the problem with those English notors. They run on smoke,
and if the smoke gets out they are no good anymore. Harold


Felicity, the people who handle Fordom in Queensland are
A.J.Thompson Holdings, 5/1908 Sandgate Rd., Virginia, Qld. 4014,
Phone (07)38654404, the person to talk to is Jenny. I have
just obtained a Fordom jewelers kit from them and I know they
have at least 4 more in stock. They are quite happy to deal mail
order. I don’t have any association with Thompson’s at all,
just a customer. If you want further info. email me direct or
call me on (07)54749849

Regards Eric @efgriff


Felicity - My vote is firmly behind the Foredom - I’ve owned two
for years and I’ve run them hard - I’ve replaced the shafts and
springs several times, and other than lubricating them every 4-6
months, I’ve not needed to do much else with them. Parts are
readily available - at least on this side of the pond - and I
don’t even need an owner’s manual to figure out what needs
fixing - it’s a fairly straightforward machine. It sounds to me
like $200 is worth the trouble of importing - how much is an
Australian dollar in real money, anyway?

Mike (in chilly, parochial Toledo, Ohio)


You might look into a Pfingst. Available in 120V or 220V. The
120V sells complete with handpiece, and foot controller for
$218.00 US. The 220V sells for$238.00US. I can supply if

Thanks for your time
Mike Fritz
Lone Star Technical Services


Felicity, maybe you could try electric motor repairers or
revinders,there bound to be a few in Perth.There is a company
Anna-Margot Originals in Queensland,ph. 07 3367 3266 or,in their ad they mention Foredom. If the above
is of no help ,please contact me of line ,there is another
company in Melbourne .They supply to dentist

Bela Beke
P.O.Box 9,Kinglake3763