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[Again] Prips

Trying to make some prips flux. Found Borax at the grocery store,
found TSP at the hardware store, but can not find any Boric Acid.
None of the local pharmacy’s have any, at least that they are willing
to fess up to. Any other sources? Thx’s, FAB.

My sister has a dollar store and I have seen a lot of boric acid
bottles that come labelled as roach killer, The label says active
ingredient 99% boric acid and 1% inactive ingredients . I guess what
kills the roaches is the active ingredient which is non chemically
pure boric acid that’s why is called 99% boric acid which is safe to
use,In my point of view the 1% inactive ingredient is just impurities
in the chemical as a matter of fact the bottle does not come labelled
as poison. Marco

  can not find any Boric Acid. None of the local pharmacy's have
any, at least that they are willing to fess up to. Any other
sources? Thx's, FAB. 

FAB, I’ve found that some powdered roach killer, sold in the US, is
99% boric acid (remaining 1% is listed as “inert”) and have used it
successfully instead of boric acid purchased in the pharmacy. It’s
also less expensive. If anyone knows any reason why I shouldn’t use
the roach killer, please let me know. I hope this helps.


 can not find any Boric Acid.  None of the local pharmacy's have

Hi FAB, Go up to the pharmacists and ask him (or her) to order it for
you. Unless you’re in a remote area, they should be able to get it
within a day, or two. Unbeknownst to most of the general public, this
is part of their job, and a good pharmacist will be happy to assist
you. They have access to all kinds of special order stuff that they
don’t normally keep in stock due to low demand. If one balks at
helping, which would surprise me, try the next. I’ve found that
pharmacists find this to be kind of fun, as its a change from the
mundane filling of penicillin prescriptions, or whatever.

Hope this helps!

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Boric acid is commercially sold as powdered cockroach poison. You
can buy it at almost any hardware or grocery store in the section
where insecticides are sold. That is unless you live in some strange
part of the world which does not have cockroaches.

Happy “hunting”! -Mike

Hi All, Let me shed a little light on Boric Acid / Roach Killer. Years
ago, I had a vending company, and one of my locations was the Food
and Drug Administration. This is the place that checks food for
poisons, as small as 1 part in a Million. Obviously, they didn’t
want me to use Insecticides to control the roach population around
the coffee machines…sooooo…I had to do some studying as to
other natural means of bug control. The first suggested solution,
which I eventually used , was diatomaceous earth. This is what is in
swimming pool filters, and is actually the skeletons of plankton from
the bottom of the ocean. It is small singular crystals of silicon.

As we have skin to keep our body fluids from drying out, bugs have a
thin (1-2 micron) coating which protects their body fluids. As the
diatomaceous earth is spread around, and as the bugs walk over it,
it scratches their ‘skin’ and they die from dehydration. Ever see an
elephant throw sand over their back, or a horse roll in the dirt, or
a chicken scratch dirt and throw it under their wings? All are using
natures way of insect control.

Boric Acid works the same way…so does baking soda… Heres a good
link to explain it…

Love and God Bless