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[Again] POS programs

Has anyone on this board used, or do you know someone who has used,
Quickbook’s POS software? I’m thinking about buying it and am
looking for positive or negative feedback.

Doug Dreyfus

Run away from it as fast as your feet will carry you. We purchased
this software and the hardware package to go with it. We also use it
to process our credit cards. If we could do it all again we would
choose another product. At this point we are stuck with it both from
an investment standpoint and because it has all our records and
inventory and no way to export them to another program. Tech support
is non-existant unless you want to pay for a $400 - $500 yearly
service contract. When I have called for sales questions I got to
experience the joy of offshored customer support. Wonderful if you
just want someone to listen patiently, but useless if you actually
expect a result. The kicker for us in our negative review of this
product is that we had it lose credit card transactions. We swipped
the card as normal and got an approval. When we went to close out at
the end of the day it didn’t process any cards. We checked with the
bank the merchant account is with (Wells Fargo and wonderful to deal
with by the way) and while they were trying as hard as possible to be
very help, the wonderful QB POS software just did not transmit the
they needed to get us the funds. The bank got us to QB
POS tech support that would talk to us without charging per call or
requiring a support contract, but their answer is there must be
something wrong with our computer and there is nothing they can to
even though the logs showed there was a credit card transaction. As
far as they were concerned their software was perfect or everyone
would report this same problem and it was our problem to figure out
how to get the money from the customer. Luckily, it was a regular
customer so they gave us the info we needed.

Bottom line, keep looking for other software. Quick Books will hit
you up for money every time you turn around and the product now at
version is is just slightly better than rubbish. Contact me off list
if you want more details.

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