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[Again] POS Inventory programs

Several times in the past I (and others) have posted questions
regarding inventory software programs. Now I have questions relating
to two specific programs:

Does anyone have any personal experience with either “WinJewel” or
"Abbot/The Edge" jewelry programs? I’d appreciate any positive or
negative feedback &/or recommendations


Of the two you mentioned, The Edge is a better program, in my
opinion. It cane be downloaded with my price book, I helped them with
the transfer of daily business to QuickBooks and it has a better
inventory reporting system.

Old inventory is a problem and The Edge reports on GMROI = The
Secret to making money in the jlry buisnesss.

David Geller

JewelerProfit, Inc.
510 Sutters Point
Atlanta, GA. 30328
(404) 255-9565 Voice
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