[again] Platinum Polishing

I’m hoping that you can help me. I have had a Platinum and Diamond
wedding set made. It is low profile so more of its surface contacts
w/ “daily life”. I would like to polish it at home to remove some of
the tiny surface scratches that cause its surface to become dull
rather quickly. I want to be able to bring back the beautiful lustre
it’s meant to have without running to the jeweler on every occasion.
I’m not talking daily here, just now and then when we’re going out,
etc. I have a Dremmel and a very careful hand (I usually fix my own
jewelry, etc.) What type up “heads” should I use for the Dremmel and
what type of compound? I’m reading that a compound from Japan is
better that the ones typically used for gold/silver. Or can I use a
Dremmel at all? Sonic cleaners won’t remove scratches, but how do
that rate on cleaning?

Please give me some educated input if you can. Thanks so much!

nothing works better than a fast rub on the ole blue jeans…ringman

Hello, Sears sells a metal polishing kit in their tool department.
Work your way from the coarse compound to the finest. You don’t need
lessons in polishing technique to shine one wedding set. Just stay
away from the prongs and buff it till it shines. Use a toothbrush and
any household cleaning liquid to remove the polishing compound and
you’re finished. Have fun. Tom Arnold