[again] Paste Solder

A couple of months ago or so,there was a light discussion of the pros
and cons of paste solder. There were it’s advocates and opponents. As
one who has recently ( a couple of years) begun to use paste solder
for certain applications and like it, I also know it can be a pain
sometimes. Early on I was told not to buy more than I could use in 6
months,because it tends to get old and somewhat hard and stiff.
Stubborn as I am, I bought too much. It has lasted about two years
and is just now beginning to get stiff and hard to press out of the
syringe,requiring two hands and thumbs.Stubbornly refusing to discard
it and admit that I should have listened better, I just had to find a
way to bring some life back into it. I have a very small travel type
hair dryer that I keep in the shop for various uses,and I thought
,“what if I heat it slightly,just prior to using it,would it soften
it without harming it or making it useless?” Like a charm. I applied
light pressure on the syringe as I heated it,as soon as I felt the
paste “give”, I removed the heat. It came out of the syringe just
like the day I got it,with light pressure, and it melted and flowed

Just thought I might not be the only
one, hope this helps someone, best to all John Barton, Images By JJ

    ,"what if I heat it slightly,just prior to using it,would it
soften it without harming it or making it useless?" 

I put it under a hot lamp for a bit while I’m doing other
things…that works too, and leaves your hands free. Just don’t leave
it for too long, or uh-oh…the amazing liquid solder…lol.

Lisa,(Up in the hills on the horse today, 75, sunny and breezy…then
back to pounding metal in the studio…sigh…what a life.) Topanga, CA


I’ve successfully heated 'old paste solder that was too stiff to
extrude from then syringe using the following 2 easy methods.

Wrap the syringe in a wash cloth soaked in hot water for about 5
minutes or so.

Place the a 40-60 watt lighted light bulb a few inches above the
syringe. Don’t leave it too long or you’ll melt the syringe.

I’ve used other methods as well, but these are the least expensive &
usually work satisfactorily.


My solution? Place syringe under my arm while I a readying the piece
to be soldered…after a few minutes…voila! Softer paste solder.

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