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[Again] Cleaning files

Some time ago I read various suggestions on how to clean jewellery
files. Unfortunately I did not do the “save” thing. I have tried to
locate them in the archives without success. If anyone can help it
would be much appreciated.

Phyllis Richardson.

Hello Phyllis

“Cleaning files” its rather an easy procedure, try securing the ends
of the handles on a wire and let them just hang in a sonic-cleaner.
Once after a few minutes, rinse the solution off and let them get
"steam-cleaned". This latest procedure will get most of the metal out
of the “teeth” and off the file. Now be very careful when steaming
as the hot steam will run onto your fingers and give you a bit of hot
grief! Always point the file downwards so this won’t happen too
often. Phyllis, this is a real must when using Platinum, this metal
has a tendency to ‘stick’ in the teeth and the resulting filing
action will be somewhat restricted. Any help??? “Gerry, the
cyber-setter !” “

Hi; if you use a 20% solution of hydrochloric acid and water it will
re etch the files… a ‘’‘file card’’ is a good way to clean files.
Treating your file with a shot of wax once in a while will help

Dunno if you do this already, but I use a coating of bur-life on my
files, and when they get loaded up I use a file cleaning tool made
for fine-cut files and knock the metal laden balls of bur-life off my
file. I’ve not had any metal be overly persistent in wanting to stick
to my files since I started doing this, I think the burlife does
something to stop the metal from adhering to the file as well… I
guess that’s what they make the stuff for =) -Doug

About 6 months ago or perhaps even longer - time rushes - we had a
discussion about bringing old files to live again.

There were various recipees, and in the meantime I have experimented
a little with these. I have tried citric acid, old pickle,
hydrocloric acid and other acids and aggressive media. I found out
that the recipee from Martin Niemeijer worked best for me, so here
it comes:

Clean the files thoroughly with a steel brush and soak them in a hot
soda solution to degrease them. Rinse well in running water and dip
shortly in a mixture of 7 parts water, 3 parts sulphuric acid and 1
part nitric acid. (Do it outside and with your back to the wind, the
vapours are poisonous). After a few seconds in the acid mix remove
the files, clean them again under running water and dip in the soda
solution again to neutralize the acid and dry thoroughly. I have
found that filing in a piece of chalk after the drying helps to
prevent the files from rusting afterwards.

And then: Thanks Martin and happy filing to all.

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Rutsker, Denmark
phone (+45) 56 94 90 60