[Again] Cherry Quartz

A friend of mine was at the recent GLW show in Franklin, North
Carolina, and during a discussion with one of the vendors there was
told that the stone now being sold / promoted as “Cherry Quartz” is
in fact some kind of treated glass; any of you have an knowledge one
way or another on this? I know a lot more about stones than the
average Joe on the street, but I’m far from an expert. I know that a
lot of the stones I buy are treated or enhanced in some way, but
typically (except maybe some amethyst and citrine) they’re still
naturally the same stone that I’m buying–they’ve just been
"improved". However, I must admit I wasn’t familiar with cherry
quartz up until 6 months ago, so perhaps there’s some validity in
what this person said.

Thanks in advance for any replys! Doug

Doug, there has been a HUGE discussion on Cherry Quartz on this
forum and many others. The vast majority of this stuff is glass. It’s
very pretty, very nicely shaped, but none the less, glass. Even in
the most recent issue of Beadwork Magazine, there is a short blurb
about the fact that it is glass. Most of the Strawberry Quartz is
glass as well, but there apparently there was some authentic
Strawberry Quartz out there at one time. The best way to determine if
it is in fact glass is to see if there are bubbles in the clear part
of the material. Real quartz (of any flavor) does not bubble.