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[Again] Accepting credit cards

Hi -

My partner and I have been wading through the credit cards
offerings, and she found one from First National Processing that
seems great. They offer a “retail swipe/store & forward” program
which requires you to purchase a battery operated unit for $99. It
takes the at the site of the sale, stores it, and then
forwards it through a telephone line at a later date. The only
monthly fee indicated is $8.00 for the statement, and there are no
minimum charges. Yes, there is a rate and transaction fee for each

Have any of you heard of this or used it? If so, please respond so
we have some idea that this company is reputable.

Thank you!

I still think that propay may be cheaper.

Even their $60 per year deal, where you can accept all 4 major cards,
divides out to about $5 per month. There’s still a percentage taken
on each transaction and a.30 cent fee when the money is deposited to
your bank account.

Have you looked at propay? I don’t know much
about their machine options. I don’t use it in high volume, so I
chose a manual swiper combined with the phone or computer entry