Affordable air engravers in the near future

This is a little premature, but my Dad and I have made a small bench
top unit that will operate GRS engravers. Our unit needs a
compressor for the air source, I use a cheap Harbor Freight 2 gal
one that cost me $89.00. The pulse rate is from 0 to about 3500
cycles. Now this was made up of spare parts lying around, so the
actual cost is un-sure. But we guestimate it would cost a fare
amount Less than 100 bucks (US) in parts. My Dad is also working on
another unit that would be very small, and would allow an air pulse
cycle from 0 - close to 8,000 a second, and looks like it could
cost as little as $50.00 in parts.

I have been using the first unit now for about 3 months and it works
fantastic. Then again, I have never used the GRS power units as I
cant afford one.

The moral to this story is , when we get a confirmed price on parts,
and a steady source of parts, it looks like we will start making
units to sell. Like I said, its still early but we figure we should
beadle to make , ship and offer a 5 year warranty on each unit ( no
compressor , you have to supply that) for probably around $150.00.
This is far less than GRS and it should allow most of the hobbyist,
and starving artist to stop those painful blisters on their index
finger and thumb, as well as have greater control.

Thanks for listening to my mumbo jumbo, I’ll keep ya all posted on
the progress…

Daniel Hamilton