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[Advice] polish / texture / finish

Dear all,

I am new to this forum and in fact my first time posting.

I have an urgent query related to polish / texture / finish on a
piece of jewelry.

My query is how do I replicate this brushed scratch texture (
non-directional + random) ?

I saw on a few websites giving different names to this “polish /
texture / finish”.

Some of the given names were:

  • Circle Matt
  • Non directional brushed
  • “Ice” brush
  • “Random” brushed

I am attaching a few pictures for you experts to lead me in the
right direction.

What I intend to achieve is to make the same effect myself and to
explain to any manufacturer on large quantity orders.

Unfortunately, I have had a few factories giving me wrong finishes
despite all the pictures and hours on the phone.

So unless I can provide the right advice to the factories, I am
afraid I would have to make each one myself.

So do let me know if its a special brush or machine or method that
would make this happen.

Warmest regards,

Hi all,

I am also curious about the possible answers to this thread,
insights anyone?

Thanks in advance!
Irene Lopez

Steel wool. Rob

Rob Meixner