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Advice on tumble finishing

someone just asked for advice on selecting a tumbler for finishing. i
asked similar questions this last august. use hanuman’s new search
engine in orchid’s archives and search for “tumble,” “tumbler,”
“tumbling,” and “finishing.” you’ll find a lot there.

also, read judy hoch’s book "tumble finishing for handmade jewelry."
i bought mine via rio grande.

jean adkins

if you happen to be in the nc/va area i have a couple of tumblers i
would consider selling

Jim Fortescue
StarCraft Diamonds Inc.
444 Stewart Parkway
Washington NC 27889
1-800-262-6208 Ext 122
Fax 252-946-4094

If in the Greater Southwest I have a DF-10 centrifigal disc finisher
I wouldn’t mind parting with. It has just been refurbished with new
seals and works great. Cost new was around $4000 and I’ll part with
it for a song. I have a brand new heavy duty sheet shear (in crate)
for sale as well. No one man shop needs 2 do they? Please respond
offline if interested. Thanks, Jewel