Advice on a water torch

Hello Orchidland!

One of our fellow orchidians is offering me a Krohn A300s water
torch. Has anybody ever heard of this model? I contacted the company
but couldn’t get a clear answer on the subject. I was told that they
used to produce it 15 years ago but not anymore. My main concern is
regarding compatibility with today’s technology, i.e. chemicals and
parts, and its capacity of soldering. I was looking to buy one of
Rio’s model, so I need to know if the A300s will give me as much
flexibility as today’s machines.

Thanks for the info!
Benoit Hamel

Hi Benoit, I would advise staying away from that particular machine.
I used to use one about 13 years ago. It really was a problem. I
know that the company also had some published problems with that
particular machine but can’t recall what the stink was about with it.
I would suggest sticking with one of the new machines if you are
looking to go in that direction.

Kevin Fertenbaugh
Hasko Jewelers