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Advertise in the DJS book

Do any of our fellow orchidians advertise in the DJS book? If so do
you find it lucrative? I’m toying w/the idea myself and would be
interested in feedback. Thanks in advance, you’re the best!

Lisa Hawthorne

I have tried it for the past two years. The first year I recovered
my costs by mid May and was really excited. They called to check to
see how I was doing, and said that October was another busy period,
and then Sept 11th. After that, there were no orders and my
recalls were all, 'Let’s wait and see." This year I have had 3 calls
, but no orders… I had problems with the color changes on the
postcards, and DJS was wonderful about reprinting them. They are
very helpful, and nice to work with, but I am not going to do it next
year… unless something dramatic happens before the deadline. We
will watch the economy, and maybe try again in 2003.

I know that when I was checking into doing it the first time, I
called a lot of the artists in 1999’s book. Got mostly positive


Hi Lisa, I’ve advertised in the DJS three times beginning in 1995,
its inaugural year, and then skipping a year or two between the next
two tries. The 1995 issue brought me one sale, a couple of inquiries
and a couple of nice consignment accounts. The next two times were
less productive and I haven’t decided if I’ll do it again. My work
is one-of-a-kind, fairly high end, uses lots of unusual stones and
certainly would not be described as mass appeal. Whether your work
is similar to mine or not, your experience could be entirely
different. There are several high end, designer jewelers who
advertise in DJS every year so it must at least be working
consistently well for them. You’ll never know if you don’t try and
it’s a quality publication that people tend to keep around for years.
If you do decide to go ahead, be sure you have great photos! Good


I advertised in DJH two years in a row and found it to be less than
useful. The contacts I made with it were either not the buyers for
the company and were just employees who wanted to see my catalog or
else they were private individuals who had no connection to a retail
gallery at all. For the two years I advertised I had ONE legitimate
inqurery from a retail jewelry store and I did work with them for two
seasons until a management change made it a less than satisfactory
relationship.That of course was not the fault of DJH. I felt its was
not econcomical or cost effective for my work so I dropped it after
two years. The sales people try to convince you that you have to
advertise for several years in a row to get attention. The gross on
the sales I picked up did not offset the cost of the advertising.

lisa, i considering using book too…have you seen one or know of a
store that uses one with success? keep me posted and i’ll do the same
lisa mconnell

I had also intended to respond to this. I had what I think was a
great looking page. My thought was, “Go big, or stay at home.” If it
has driven any traffic to my Web site, it hasn’t resulted in any
business. The phone hasn’t rung as a result, either. Granted, I’m not
a savvy wholesaler, but what “designer jeweler” is? Just a hint of a
nibble would have been nice! I can work with that!

Professional photos and an “A+” layout didn’t benefit me. It just
seemed like a very expensive way to get 1000 “free” postcards. And
watch the “free” Web site offer. Evaluate your alternatives.

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Having advertised in DJS in the past ('96), I would advise caution.
You must have absolutely perfect photos, 4x5 glass plates are best -
not slides, and professional layout. Don’t let them do it for you!
The rep I dealt with said my pics would be fine and they would do the
layout to my specs. After several phone discussions and proofs sent
back and forth (always at poor resolution), I thought I had an add
that I could live with. When the book came out, I was disappointed.
Results: The only phone call I got was from another artist asking if
I was satisfied with my add how much business it brought in. My reply
was not a ringing endorsement. If I place an add with them in the
future, I will supply an actual size, photo ready layout on the same
type paper they use. Perhaps things have improved there since my
experience, (hope so). You can get a better bang for your buck
elsewhere, unless you need a big tax deduction. Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs Loveland, CO 970 669-7075