[Advert] Super Star Summit

If you’re going to Tucson you should attend the Superstar Summit,

Jim Ackerman - Internet Marketing guru

Dan Gendron - The “Teach you in 3 days how to make lot of money in
watch repairs and solve your problem forever” guy.

Randy Hays - Jewelspace - How to make a lot of money in custom
design with your computer.

Wink Jones - How to make a lot of dough from a woman man show. He’s
mastered internet selling and high closing ratio on diamond sales.

David Geller (who?) making a lot of money from your shop in repairs
and custom design. pricing, QuickBooks setup questions and
commission plans for sales staff and jewelers.

When?: Friday February 7th at the Embassy Suites hotel on Broadway.
ALL DAY and there will be shuttle services from different spots
around the city. $199 at the door, call: 888-750-3330 or visit

Now on to how it works. Come and go as you please. There will be
these five guys with round table discussions. Every 45 minutes
everyone will change and go to another table to speak with and share
insight with another super star at the summit.

Depending on how the day goes, if there’s free time (I just don’t
know how much there will be) I’m happy to give some time to any
subject one on one with folks who are there.

I’ve had a few folks as about getting together with them “on the
side” to discuss their business. I’m in Tucson on Saturday and leave
Sunday. So if any folks want to come to the Embassy Suites on
Saturday, I’ll be happy to sit and chat one on one in the lobby on
Saturday after the summit is over. But Like I said if there’s time
on Friday, cool. It just might be you’ll get your answers at the

David Geller