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[Advert] Ring-Adapter


Jewellery inventions - are they still possible or not? Yes, they are.
This invention is called =93Ring-Adapter=94 , rushes as a very new and
unexpected item on the jewellery market and is looking for innovative
and creative users. His determination is clear: what already exists
has to become better and what is still to come isn=92t only, but bette=
will be interesting again.

It is for sure that =93traditional=94 problems like allergies,
blackening, too large rings, impairment of wearing comfort or wearout
are history now. And it is for sure, that this can simply be done by
a click without to change the ring=92s size, material or even shape .

Many people already thought about how to change the design of one
and the same ring. They found some solutions but realizable with
only moderate results. Because of the adapter=92s design and the
enormous potentialities a huge amount of designs on and around the
ring is possible. If one develops this idea one comes to the
conclusion that the =93Ring-Adapter=94 can be and is the basis for a n=
branch and brand. Now we are asking for the creativity of all the
designers to let style new designs and creations out of this great
item, to let them put into practice all this what the =93Ring-Adapter=94
has to offer =96 and believe me, this is a lot.

You can find further and also drawings on or email to @ring-adapter to get your
questions answered.

I would be thankful for a short feedback.

Yours sincerely,
Sven Lieding