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[Advert] Rhino Sighting in CT!

Hello All, There have been many interesting Orchid discussions
regarding digital jewelry design in the past, so I thought it would
be a good time to check in with you all… I’d like to hear how people
feel about 3D digital design in general and how it may or not fit
into your work-style and business.

For those of you who have considered this technology, but have been
hesitant to explore it, consider the growth and evolution of the
graphic design artist. There was a time when pen and ink was the norm
and artists lugged around large paper portfolios to show their work.
Now it’s email, fax machines, and programs such as Photoshop,
Illustrator, and Quark as the working tools in that industry…

Now, I don’t think a point by point comparison to the modern
jeweler’s process and evolution can be made, but there are
similarities. How many of you, until recently ever thought you would
be able exchange with other jewelers from all over the
world on a daily basis?

Working for many years as a goldsmith, I myself, resisted going
"high tech". I took a certain amount of pride in the fact that I
worked primarily with my hands to earn my living. So, ten years ago,
when a co-worker announced that he had bought a computer for his
family, I cynically said it was a lot of money to spend just to do
book keeping and play video games.

Little did I know that I would someday embrace this stuff big time,
finding new methods to express myself creatively as well as extend my
productivity and model-making abilities.

Of course, technology will never (and never should) replace the
hands-on craftsman, but I believe there is a place for digital design
software next to the bench of open-minded innovative jewelers. So,
If you haven’t ever considered the possibilities or have thought
about it and said it isn’t for you, check out the Rhino jewelry
gallery and reconsider. Though
there are many good 3D design programs out there, Rhino has a
relatively low cost to high features ratio and the learning curve is
not too bad at all.

So, having said all that… I thought it might be of interest to you
all that we are holding Rhino classes specifically for jewelers here
at M2 Systems in New Britain, CT.

Our next class is a Level 2 course scheduled for Sept. 24th-26th.
There are a few openings still available. Contact me for more info.

We will also be scheduling more classes, including a basics class and
as well as custom tailored 1-on-1 mini courses to help you tweak your
3D design skills.

Thanks, I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions.

Jesse Kaufman

M2 Systems
200 Myrtle St
New Britain CT 06053