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[Advert] Pricing book available for Edge & JewelryShopkeeper

Geller Book Download now available for The Edge & Jewelry Shopkeeper
point of sale programs

(Sorry, not available for any other programs)

Now its easier to get better prices and margins for the repair and
custom design department if your store is using

The Edge
Jewelry Shopkeeper

Point of Sale Programs

In both programs you can charge the customer in the Repair Intake
area for items in our Geller’s Blue Book to Jewelry Repair & Design
while printing their job envelope.

Both programs can export to QuickBooks (I can help with that if you
don’t export to QuickBooks now) and send the sale directly to

Jewelry Repair Sales
Custom Design Sales
Watch Batteries & Watch Repair Sales

Its easy to use and stores have told me that the customer as well as
the sales staff says in their brain:

“Well, that’s what the computer says, I’ guess that’s what it’ll

Still most folks are keeping on repairs about a 90% closing ratio.

So if you have The Edge of Jewelry Shopkeeper contact us first.
Here’s what it takes to get your download into your program:

You must have the most current copy of our price book in your store.
This is Version 5.0, release 5.1. There was an update this past June,
then another in the fall, October. We did a small update that you’ll
need from this past January to correct some numbering, addition and
layout problems that make our price book match Edge and Shopkeeper.
The update itself for Edge or Shopkeeper is only $200. We’ll charge
your credit card and email The Edge or Jewelry Shopkeeper that you
are allowed the update. They will contact you and give you the
download. Shopkeeper I believe sends you to their website for

The Edge sends you 2 things:

  1. A new license to install
  2. To their website to download the file (they call it version 5.2)

For those of you who have OLD versions of the book you really
update. I’ve always said “Repairs are not price sensitive, they are
trust sensitive”. But I do understand a $175 shank 5 years ago is now
$250 is a lot to swallow for many a customer. But your job is not to
sell everyone who asks about a shank a brand new shank. Your job is
to make the shank jobs you actually do be profitable!. Stores still
get 70% to 85% or high closing ratio on the higher priced repairs.
That’s a heck of a lot better than your 30% closing ratio on showcase

So call us and well get this all setup for you or email my wife
Renie below and she’ll contact you and get the ball rolling:

(404) 255-9565

David Geller
Director of Profit