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[Advert] PFF Arthritic Shanks

The P.F.F. Ring Clasp, is often imitated but never duplicated. Don’t
be fooled by so called look alikes.

Those that have the David Geller Blue Book and have those oh so
familiar problems with the SuperFit arthritic shanks that don’t lock,
and won’t stay closed. And just don’t perform as advertised.

Should look in their “Geller Blue Book” to see the P.F.F. Ring Clasp
(Perfectly Fabulous Fit) as the answer for the best locking shank.

All other rings on the market are sliders and pretend locks. “Yes
fakes” “Galling”, an old time enemy to moving parts that has long
been forgotten, has vindicated us. Napoleon knew about that. It
appears that some people don’t realize yet that we have moved on to
the twenty first century.

The only true locking ring in the whole world. You can also see all
the on the problems with all the other devises ; at it is easy to print out your own brochures and
order forms too!

The P.F.F. is the real McCoy.

Allan Creates