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[Advert] New cabochons posted

Thank you Hanuman, for the opportunity to post to this forum.

It’s been way too long coming, but I’ve just finished updating my
website with cabochons (singles and coordinated sets).

If you use cabochons in your work, please look them over to see if
there is something you’d like. If you have a friend who might be
looking for a cabochon source I would appreciate your referral.

My best,
Pam Chott

Thanks for the listing, Hanuman and Pam. I have bookmarked your
site, Pam for use when I am purchasing cabochons in the future.
Beautiful pieces! Barbara

Please allow me an opportunity for shameless self-promotion.

I’ve been busy uploading images of new cabochons to my website.
There are singles, matched pairs and sets of 3 (earring and pendant

Additionally, please check out the beautiful coordinated sets which
include accessory stones to make your design work easier.

If cabochons are your thing, please visit to see if there are stones
you “can’t live without”.

I appreciate your time and interest.

Many thanks to Hanuman and our Orchid team for all that they do to
keep our big “family” together and healthy!!

Pam Chott