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[Advert] New cabochons available

If possible, I’d appreciate having the opportunity to advise Orchid
readers of just-completed updates to my website.

After much wonderful shopping for new materials and cabs in
Quartzsite and Tucson, the shows are over and I’ve been busy
photographing and uploading new cabochon images.

If you have use for singles, matched pairs or coordinated sets,
please visit

to see if there is something you like.

As I finish more stones and photograph the remaining inventory,
additional images will be uploaded about quarterly, as time allows.
As always, if you are interested in something not online, inquire and
I will send images if I have something available in stock. Please
advise if you wish to be notified whenever new inventory is

My sincere thanks to all.

In cool and cloudy Mesa, AZ.

Beautiful! I (and I am sure others) would like to know about your
setup for taking those great pictures!

Pentaluna Jewelry, Indiana

Beautiful! I (and I am sure others) would like to know about your
setup for taking those great pictures! 

Thank you for the kind words John.

I think the cabochon images may be adequate but I certainly wouldn’t
call them “great”. I’m happy to share if it might help you or anyone

This forum has very qualified photographers who may add to this
discussion as well. Don’t forget to read the archives for the many
discussions on this subject and check out some of the websites
recommended there. Charles Lewton Brain’s "Small Scale Photography"
is an excellent resource for booth set-up and photography.

What I’m doing is really low-tech but quickly and easily set up and
put away. I know that the images could be much improved by using many
of the techniques often discussed on this forum as well as on
numerous helpful websites devoted to this type of photography. For my
purposes with the cabs, I’ve chosen not to go into a more elaborate

I shoot at my kitchen table using a white paper background and two
Ott lights to get colors as true as possible. But you see that I’m
getting that distracting double shadow! (Note to self: try putting
both at upper left instead, next time! Duh!) Although I turn off any
other artificial light in the room, I do allow any daylight in from
the window nearby.

My camera is a Nikon CoolPix 990 that I’ve had for years. It has a
good macro lens and I can focus on the setup and set the white
balance so colors are true (as much as can be easily managed) and
consistent from session to session.

I can set a 3 second delay on the shutter and use that feature to
eliminate camera movement when the button is pressed. Although I have
a tripod, I confess that I’m not using it for the cabochons. (I want
to be able to set up and put away quickly) So I rest my elbows on the
table and hold the camera by hand. As much as I’ve done this, focus
isn’t usually a problem.

I will lighten the images as necessary before sizing them (5x7
ratio) for the website - I’m now making one standard-sized image for
the thumbnail and an enlargement of a size adequate to see the stones

As I said, the technique isn’t as tight and well-controlled as I
would use for jewelry images or something intended for publication,
but it suits my purpose in this situation. Your mileage may vary.

In cool, rain-greened Mesa, AZ


Say what you want, those are excellent pictures! Your response is
very reassuring to those of us who aren’t able to go for the super
duper high tech equipment the pros use. (I even have an old CoolPix
990 sitting right here!)

You might try cutting off a milk jug about 4" above the bottom,
placing the bottom upside-down over the cabs, and shooting through a
hole in the plastic. It is a cheap and effective way to diffuse the
light, avoiding shadows and highlights.

Thanks so much!


Hello all.

Just sending a note to let the Orchid list know that I’ve just
finished uploading new cabochons to my website and would like to
invite those interested to visit

There are singles, lots of matched pairs and some coordinated sets
with accessory stones. Please look around and if there are specific
materials you’re interested in, send an email and if I have something
likely, I’ll send jpg’s. If not, I’ll see if I can source it or refer

I’d like to express my continuing appreciation for all that Hanuman,
Ton and all the Ganoksin team and its supporters do for our online
"family" and to the folks who make the forum so rich in experience
and support. I am proud to have “an Orchid on my bench” and always
say that Orchid Rocks! :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Pam Chott