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[Advert] Master model maker

Greetings from Maine Orchid readers, I would just like to say that I
have been reading these informative (wonderful) emails from oh so
many people for over a year now. I just thought it was time I wrote
in to say hi. I am an Irish Goldsmith designer who came to the states
4 years ago with big hopes, dreams and plans to make it big in the
jewelry world. Then I got married and moved to Maine (hehehe).
Actually things are going pretty well, we run a company called Maine
Master models, pretty self explanatory what we do. Send your design
and we make it, always in sterling, unless specified. If your
interested in our services check out our humble (done it myself) web
site at (I am a better master
model maker than a web designer) Our turnaround is quick, our
standard high and our price competitive. Oh, my name is Ed Dawson and
a few of you out there already know me, tell your friends. Thanks