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[Advert] Curved faceting

I have noticed a growing interest on several the digests about curved
faceting.Sumner wrote an article some time ago about this subject
using the OMF and submitted it to a couple of the digests. He
mentioned that there where some new developments coming. Well there
here! The BIGGEST change is the OMF now has a collet chuck. This
works similar to a flex shaft collet with the ability to change out
collets in a range of 3/64" to 25/64". The standard size that will be
provided with the OMF is 3/8". The idea for this is to allow OMF
users the ability to utilize any or all of the cutting and polishing
burrs already on the market. I am planning to release a range of ball
mandrels before the end of the year as well. This will allow the user
to do spherical facet like making the table a lens or adding dimples
to the stone. The OMF also has been spring loaded between the gear
housing and the main body to help hold out end play when the
reciprocation is disengaged. The main shaft is now 5/8" diameter
stainless steel with a concentric adjustment (similar to the Poly-
Metric dop arms) connecting it to the ss nose piece where a 3/4" ss
nut holds the collet in place. There are a couple of other new
features to go with all of this but to shorten this up I will leave
you a link to the OMF page where
you can see the new picture and on the new face lift.
Thanks for reading and happy faceting :slight_smile:

PS: All OMF’s can be upgraded! Contact me for pricing and scheduling.

Zane Hoffman Poly-Metric Instruments. Inc.