[Advert] Classes for Beginner Jewelers

Hello Orchiders!

I am pleased to announce that, in addition to my stone setting and
platinumsmithing classes, I am now offering a course for beginning
jewelers, which covers the essential basics. Bench Jeweler Level 1
is designed to introduce students to a wide range of metalsmithing
techniques in this four day intensive class. The next class will be
November 1-4. Please check my website at
http://www.newapproachschool.com for more schedule and
course descriptions. The year 2000 schedule will be out soon, as
well. The website has comments and testimonials from Orchid members
who have attended my classes.

I will be offering a collection of teaching videos for stone setting,
platinumsmithing, tool making for metalsmiths of all levels. These
can be found in the year 2000 Rio Grande catalog and others.

Space is limited for my classes in Tucson, AZ, February 4-7 at the
Rio Grande Catalog in Motion tools and equipment showcase. Stop by
and say hello or sign up for three different stone setting classes:
Bezel & Flush Setting, Channel Setting and Pave Setting. For
registration contact Rio at 800-396-9896 ext. 3247.

Brush up on your skills for the holiday season!

Blaine Lewis
New Approach School for Jewelers