[Advert] Camera and Cloud Dome Deals

Season Greetings!

Just quick notes to let you all know… Nikon’s $50 rebate on
digital cameras is ending on December 31, 2002. If you are
considering a new camera, contact your local camera dealer or John
Green at Adorama before the end of the year. John’s number is:
800-223-2500 ext. 232 I highly recommend the Nikon 4500 at $530 less
the $50 rebate; it is a steal at $480.00.

Orchid members have purchased at least 7 cameras from John; a couple
more and he will donate a camera to the Tucson auction.

Rio Grande and Cloud Dome will donate two Cloud Dome Gold Kits to
the auction. Rio Grande has a great price on the Cloud Dome Gold Kit
at $350.00. If you need help with your cameras settings, photography,
lighting, or imaging programs, please call Cindy at Cloud Dome or
stop by the Rio Grande’s “Catalog in Motion”, in Tucson. Thanks, Cindy
800-609-8999 or 303-926-8999 @Cindy_Lichfield

P.S. I have a few “Scratch and Dent Seconds” on Cloud Domes, contact
me for details.

Dear Cindy - Many thanks for donating the two Cloud Domes for the
Silent Auction at the Orchid Dinner. A lot of activity has been back
and forth since Sam raved about it. He really loves his Cloud Dome
and thank you for that also. Pat Kulla @ Patania’s