[Advert] Business Developement for Jewelers

Over the past years you’ve seen my posts. If you think you could use
some help in your store with many of these issues, I’m making my
travel plans now for 2003.

Issues in your store that I address aRe:

  1. Making a profit from the shop.

  2. Teaching the staff to use my price book.

  3. Setting up QuickBooks for you so you can find your turn.

  4. Showing you reports in your point of sale program that will
    increase your turn.

  5. Teaching you how the numbers that have been there all the time
    will make you much more money if you only apply these good business
    principles. I’ll show you how.

  6. Set up your point of sale program to “mesh” with QuickBooks. 20
    minutes each morning.

  7. Showing you how to set up commission and bonus plans for the
    staff and managers.

  8. Help you get started on the road to have the “Store run without

Most stores have told me that the single training day for the staff
in selling repairs brought in so much extra money that the increase
in repair income in the first month actually paid for my visit. One
store in Tulsa told me 9 months later their repair business has

If you’d like to chat further, email me or call 888-255-9848

I will be contacting those of you who asked me last year to call you
after the first of the year this week.

David Geller