[Advert] A2Z Metalsmith Supply

A2Z Metalsmith Supply Inc, in Littleton, Colorado has finally opened
its doors located in the SW end of Denver near Arapahoe Community

A2Z is =BD a jewelry and metalsmithing tool, metal and supply store =96
(suppliers include: Eurotool, Grobet, Stuller, Cloud Dome, Zahntech,
Jewelspace, Proxxon, Sherline and many more), with the other =BD being
a =93rent-a-bench=94 completely equipped workshop. We have 3 locking
workbenches that are in need of long-term lease mates. These will be
leased at $250 per month and include the use of most everything in
the workshop. We also have 9 other benches for lease on an hourly
basis of $7.00 per hour with the minimum purchase of a block of 10
hours. Included in the workshop for every leaser=92s use will be the
following: Cloud Dome with digital camera, centrifugal and vacuum
casters, magnetic tumbler, vibratory polisher, buffing machine, split
lap, bead blaster, 4 different kinds of torches, Proxxon equipment
including a grinder, scroll saw and band saw, a vulcanizer, digital
control burnout furnace, flex shafts, rolling mills and much much
more to make your experience at A2Z fun and rewarding.

In addition to the bench rentals and available to not only bench
renters at an additional fee, but to others that already have a
studio, will be our latest piece of equipment that followed my
husband home from the Tucson show =96 a Zahntech LWD-4 Super Duty
Laser. We will have a limited number of packages available at
special prices =96 please call for details. The normal leasing rate
will be $100/hour with a minimum purchase of a block of 2.5 hours
that can be used in 15-minute blocks. We=92ve already sold 2 of the
special packages and we just opened our door =96 word is getting
around and these are going fast.

We will also have a CAD workstation with Jewelspace, Rhino, and
Techgems along with a 4 axis CNC mill and a CNC lathe. This will
also be at an additional fee yet to be set.

We are currently working with some outstanding local professional
jewelers to offer some very specific 1-2 day workshops. If you are
in the Denver area or will be visiting the Denver area and are
interested in giving a workshop - please give us a call. We will have
all of our workshops on our website in the very near future.

The weekend of May 9th & 10th will be our official Grand Opening
celebration. Please stop in for some refreshments and to register
for our Grand Opening prizes =96 we will be having the main drawing on
May 10th for $250 of laser time and a separate drawing of $250 of
bench rental time and to receive your free package of Eurotools
Relentless blades and to possibly win other prizes awarded throughout
the two days.

Many thanks to all who have given us much needed advice and shared
whatever they could while we have been putting our shop and workshop
together, and to all of the following companies who believed in our
concept and gave us a much needed break to get started =96 Karen
Christians at Metalwerx, John Scholl =96 J.F.Sholl Fine Jewelry
Littleton, Colorado, Herman at Eurotool, Andy at Stuller=92s, Dan and
Sheila with Jewelspace, Proxxon, Zahntech Laser, Cindy at Cloud Dome,
and many others who with their encouragement have made us anxious and
excited to open our doors.

A2Z Metalsmith Supply is located at 5151 S Federal Blvd in
Littleton, Colorado in the shopping center on the southwest corner of
S. Federal Blvd and Belleview. Our phone number is: 720-283-7200. We
are open Monday =96 Thursday from 10:00 =96 8:00, Friday 10:00 =96 6:0=
0 and
Saturday from 9:00 =96 4:00. We are closed on Sunday. Please stop in
and say hi to Tim and Karen Goldstein or visit our website at
www.a2zmetalsmithsupply.com. We look forward to meeting you all!

Karen Goldstein
A2Z Metalsmith Supply Inc

Karen, Thank you for the private tour that you and Tim were so kind
to give to me and my daughter. The tool supply store is a great
addition to the city of Littleton and the metro Denver metal

But, it is your shop that truly impressed me. I have been thinking
how I could have used your facilities while I was getting started. I
never liked having a shop at home. Even when I was relaxing, the
bench and the projects were right in front of me, I felt that I was
always at work. Polishing or casting in my unheated garage grew old
fast and my wife never got used to me boiling pickle or sodium
hydroxide on the kitchen stove. Child proofing a shop was always a
concern. I probably shouldn’t admit this but once I forgot to turn
off my flex shaft and my toddler crawled under my bench and decided
to press that cool looking pedal. It’s amazing how quickly a bur
can get snarled in hair and the cut on her scalp was ugly.

A fully equipped shop that is clean and comfortable, one that offers
the camaraderie that comes with working around other crafts people,
that would have been ideal. Your decision to equip the shop with a
wide selection of professional quality tools will make a huge
difference to any craftsperson who has only been able to use what
the local community college can provide. And anyone in the trade
will feel right at home. I have no doubt that you will fill all of
your spaces soon.

Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood.

Place usual disclaimer here. No affiliation and all. Just hoping to
get a plug in for two Orchidians who quit their day jobs to follow
their jewelry dreams.

John Sholl
Littleton, CO