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Advanced, Gem-stone setting!

Hi everyone!

Am now revising my selection of basic rings used just for teaching

These will include *Heart-shaped full-bezel, Cushion-cut full bezel,
Emerald-cut full bezel, Oval-cut half-bezel, Princess-cut
channel-setting & Princess-cut end-bezel, Trillium-shaped stones. Of
course not to forget the ‘Intermediate to Advanced’ level of
Bright-Cutting. *With great emphasis on graver preparation &
management. All bezel-rings will be Bright-Cut inside of the bezel
walls, the Princess stone will be Bright-cut inside of the
claws/prongs. This will be a ‘university level’ in a setting
I will as well, demo on how to extend a Channel-Setting,
once the stones are already in, to add another stone on either
If anyone is interested in contacting me for a class…

Gerry Lewy