Advanced enameling courses?

Here is our next enameling class being held at the CIJT campus in
Sacramento, Ca.

Cloisonne/Enameling One of our most popular classes taught by award
winning enamellist, Linda Crawford (

Linda Crawford
5 days:
October 9-12, 2006

Advanced Cloisonne/Enameling
Linda Crawford
2 days:
October 13-14, 2006

I will offer up as another alternative available in just a few
weeks, a conference of sorts at Thompson Enamels near Cincinnati OH.
The pre-conference workshops begin September 18th and conclude the
following Saturday. While the organization of this event is not very
professional there are some interesting workshops, many of which
appear to still have openings. There are 2 day workshops at the
beginning and end of the week. This event is not endorsed by the
enamellist society or myself, but there is a workshop presenter I
really want to work with so I am heading that way.

I will be there Sunday evening, the 17th through Thursday if there
are any other Orchidites attending that would like to meet up.

You can call Thompson Enamels at 859.291.3800 for more