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Greetings! focuses on jewelry manufacturing procedures and techniqu=
We carry an extensive library of articles, recent publications,
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Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Webmaster Ganoksin Online


Hi Hanuman and everybody, if any of you decide to advertise on Orchid (DO
IT!) you may have figured out by now that I make my living doing graphic
design (25 years now…) and was among the first 40 designers listed to
get in early doing web graphics. I’m offering my services to design ad
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Crystalguy Jewelry


Hi Dave, and all.

Hanuman and I are in discussions on how to make Orchid pay for itself
(plus a bit for us for our work). It is necessary that Ganoksin and Orchid
get financial sponsorship sort of soonish before it collapses under its own
weight. We are both committed to free access for all. Hanuman
has been the pillar on which the whole thing is built. I am working soon
on proposals and ideas for the Ganoksin project. If you have ideas please
email us both off list (there will come a time when we will call on all of
you, but it is not yet). My email: @Charles_Lewton-Brain, Hanuman at I am begining serious work on the Ganoksin
project very soon.

In a while we will bring the whole issue up for group discussion, right
now it is infancy stages and it would be premature to deal with it on the
list. Please keep discussion on this subject OFF LIST for the moment.
we are better organized it will be time to do a full list discussion.

But, please start thinking gently about things. We have a plan begun, and
when it is closer we will involve all of you in the discussion. Note: NOT
YET, this is a suggestion to begin thinking about the Ganoksin project. I
have belief in our ‘Group Mind’ and its increase in power over an
individual’s work. Please realize that we, You, have already built the
worlds most comprehensive eduational jewelry site. (nutty huh?).

The web is a momentary thing and we are interested in a future and a solid
construction for that future. Hanuman is an incredibly ethical person (he
turned down an offer for the site that I am afraid to admit I would have
signed instantly) because of his ethics-and I am glad that he showed me
such idealism to emulate and that we are both committed to access to free
jewelry for all. He also gets up at an ungodly hour every day
to do the Orchid list, sacrifices family and income to this project.
Remember, he took a year off work unpaid to build our Ganoksin and Orchid

So, Dave, ads are a good start, but we do, eventually, need to make money
at this. Thats all. We are building a ‘World jewelry’ project here, and we
want to build it for peoples needs. If you want something on the site
please let us know. What will make this site the easiest, best, loveliest
place around for ‘World Jewelers’? (thats us you know). Charles

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada


Is the Orchid List not affiliated with the site itself? My question would
be, would it not be lucrative to sell advertising space, both on the site,
and if it’s jewelry related…on the actual threads in Orchid?

Just a small thought from a large mind…
One of a Kind Jewellery and Design