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[Admin] Sircam Virus epidemic

The Sircam computer virus epidemic is growing worse, so I sending out
this warning to help everyone prevent further infection and
transmission of this software. Please read this and take
the appropriate steps to prevent infection.

First and foremost, unless you are expecting an attachment in an
email, even if it’s from someone you know, DO NOT OPEN THE
ATTACHMENT. This is how the virus spreads.

If you currently do not have a virus scanner (with up-to-date
definitions) running on your computer, please consider installing one.
A list of anti-virus software vendors can be found at:

A full description of the Sircam virus, along with a removal tool,
can be found at:

The CERT advisory with further details can be found at:

The most notable features of the virus is that it will acquire e-mail
addressed from your computer (address books, saved e-mails, etc), and
start sending messages to those addresses with the virus as an
attachment. It will also try to find and send private files to these
addresses, so there are disclosure risks as well.

For a better Internet.