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[Admin] Imprortant Message

Dear Orchid;

It has been brought to my attention that recently, Some Orchid
members used the list to send unsolicited emails to other group
members. I disapprove and take this kind of behavior very

Please note that your email address is not given out or sold to a
third party by no means!! In addition, The software that processes
your posts to appear in the Archives section of The Ganoksin Site
masks your email address; making it impossible for email harvesters
to collect your private

Your privacy and the group integrity are crucial to the future
success of our community.

Our mission is free exchange of Information, so do expect offline
communication from the group members. However if you truly believe
that you had received an unsolicited email or offers that claims to
be a genuine Orchid offer, Only because you being an Orchidian,
please forward me the original spam including the full email headers
and consider sending a complaint through - helps you punish spammers for sending you their junk mail.
Their service is free. Often, spammers lose their accounts and even
get charged “cleanup fees” by their internet providers. In addition,
reporting spam to SpamCop results in blacklisting the sites
responsible for allowing it to be sent.

For those of you, who feel that our group is a potential audience for
the services or products you offer, please consider purchasing a banner
advertising program on Ganoksin.

For a better Orchid