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[Admin] Announcing an Orchid Digest facelift - Check it out!

Dear Orchid Digest Member:

All of us at The Ganoksin Project are excited to announce a major
format upgrade to The Orchid Digest.

After more than 4,200 daily issues, the good ole’ Orchid Digest is
getting a make-over! We will be sending it daily in both HTML and
plain text. The colorful, new HTML version has dramatically improved
your ease of navigation and reading.

You can also download the latest issue of The Orchid Digest on if, for any reason, you did not receive it via email.

Each Orchid Digest issue will include both the plain text version and
the new, colorful, HTML version. Your email program should display
the most suitable version for you.

We hope to introduce this new, colorful format in upcoming issues
and, in anticipation of any spam filtering problems, please make sure
to add and to your
approved contacts, or contact your ISP to whitelist IP and

We truly hope that you will find the new Orchid Digest format easier
to use and valuable. We always welcome your comments and suggestions
for future improvements - please feel free to email them directly to
my attention at <@Service>.

For a better Orchid,