Adhesive (tape) problem

Hi all. I have been looking for a type of tape that will adhere
(temporarliy) to an anodized aluminum surface. My jewelry cases
have anodized aluminum edges and I need to tape down my eletrical
cords which run along the side. I don’t know if it’s the slick
anodized surface or the heat from lights or a combination of both
but I have not found a tape that will adhere to the surface. I have
tried electrical tape, duct tape, special masking tape with no
success. I even talked to a guy at 3-M and he did not have a
suggestion. Thinking maybe someone who works with anodized material
might have a suggestion.

Many thanks, Grace

Hi, Have you considered those removable adhesive 3M cord holder’s.
They have a little clip to restrain the cord and are completely
removable when done. I know they hold a fair amount of weight.


Try theatrical “gaffer’s” tape. It looks like duct tape, but I’ve
found few surfaces that it won’t stick to (and remove cleanly). Try
cleaning the area with glass cleaner (test first, alcohol and
ammonia will affect some forms of anodized surfaces). Talk to any
local theater group or drama teacher. They can tell you where to
find it. One or two rolls will go a very long way.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR