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Adhesive removal


I have some Crystalite diamond flats laps. I want to remove the
diamond part which is glued to an aluminum lap.

I used my torch to heat the lap to the point that I can lift off the
diamond part. My question is what solvent can I use to remove the
residual adhesive? Acetone works to some extent but doesn’t remove it

Also, I have some used laps for sale. I’ve been using 6" diamonds
laps for stone cutting. At a certain point they don’t cut as well as
I would like so I switch to a new lap. The used laps, from 260 grit
to 1200 grit, still cut metal very well. I use them to sharpen
gravers and other tools.

If anyone would be interested in purchasing either a used diamond
lap let me know. And if I find an efficient way to remove residual
adhesive I may have some flat aluminum laps for sale.


Kevin, this question came up about the melted plastic bags, sort of.
It was Neil who suggested using paint remover, which is the best
thing short of benzene, which nobody wants to have, for dissolving
most or all polymers (plastic, vinyl, epoxy, fiberglass, Ceramit…)
The active ingredient in paint removers like Jasco - not some newer,
safer versions - is dichloromethane (old term is methylene
chloride), which, in a word, is Attack. If it doesn’t work then it
doesn’t, but it would be my first choice. Acetone dissolves uncured
resins, but not cured, or very poorly at best.

The same day I posted the question a neighbor who had a container of
"methyl ethyl ketone" (sp?), which I think John Donivan previously
pointed out as the key component in Attack, suggested that I try it.
Worked like a charm. The adhesive came off as a sheet.

Warning: use proper protection.

What I didn’t realize is that is in the solvent section of regular
hardware stores.


How about Goo-Gone or Goof Off. They’ve taken off some nasty things
for me. See Home Despot or Google them for more info.