Adhesive for granulation

Hi all,

I anyone knows a recipe for granulation glue which is made from
Elmer’s glue and not gum tragacanth, could you please post it?

Jeanne A.

Hi – The glue I learned to use is a 1:10 ratio of hide glue to
(distilled) water – we used Titebond, which I believe is the
Sears brand label. The key is the fact that it is hide glue,
which offers you a good source of carbon. It takes longer to dry
than does the other.


Hi Gang,

Be sure the glue you use is hide glue. Hide glue is made from
the hides, hoves and other colagen parts of animals. The label
should clearly spell out the fact that the glue is natural hide
glue. Glues other than hide glue (Elmer’s, etc.) won’t work, they
don’t contain the organic materials that form a reducing
atmosphere when heated/burned.

The hide glue serves 2 purposes: 1, it keeps the granules in
place; 2, when heated, it forms a reducing atmosphere in the
vacinity of the joint, allowing the granule to fuse/solder to the

Titebond is a brand name of the Franklin International. There
are several Titebond formulations most of which are NOT hide
glue. FWIW: Titebond is the prefered glue of many professional


Jeanne–I learned to use the following formula–Hide Glue
(purchased in hardware stores) about 2 drops to 10 drops of
water and 3 drops of flux. I’ve never heard of using Elmer’s
Glue and wonder if it will hold and burn off properly. Sandra