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I would like the addresses for two places I’ve heard of that
give jewelry seminars/classes somewhere up in the north. One of
them is Hay something (Haystack maybe) and the other is in one of
the Carolina states. Does anyone have addresses for them. I’m
sorry I don’t know the names of the schools or whatever they are,
but it’s been an extremely hard week at work and the brain is

Thanks - Sharon in Dallas

The two schools you are looking for are probably Haystack, which
is located in Deer Isle Maine and, Penland School which is
located in Penland, NC (near Asheville). You can reach Haystack
at: (207)348-2306. Their address is: Box 518C, Deer Isle, Me
04627. You can reach Penland at: (704) 765-2359. Their address is
Penland School, Penland, NC 28765. They also have an email

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA