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[ad yak] Tucson show

To all on the Orchid Digest that are coming to Tucson: I have to
give a shameless plug. I hope that you all will come to the Four
Points Sheraton (formerly the Pueblo Inn) To see me and my custom
cut cabachons. Space #37 in the big tent. I do all of my own
cutting, and work with many different materials. I cut mainly
tongues, bullets and matched pairs. If that is not enough to entice
you there will also be around four other custom cutters showing
there including Joe from Horizon Minerals and Doug from N.W. gems
and Jewelry. Please stop by so that I can at least say hi and put a
face to all of the names on the digest. Sincerely,

Jason Penn
Jason Penn Designs

P.S. I really liked the light bulb post, and I did run this
through the spell checker(grin)