Acquiring an induction casting machines

Hi Orchidians; We’ve recently started a metalsmithing guild in our
area (the Finger Lakes area of New York) and one of our members is
interested in acquiring an induction casting machine to do some
large scale production casting. I’d appreciate a few opinions on
these machines from those of you who use them. I understand some
only use a coil to melt, while still providing the advantages of
controlled melting atmospheres, but the more expensive ones use true
induction technology. How much better is the latter system, which I
understand is considerably more expensive. And who are the preferred
manufacturers and distributors of machines? Thanks in advance,

David L. Huffman

David , I have a used Galloni I would like to sell. Here is a link
to the new model.

If you have any interest feel free to e-mail me back.

Thank you
Linus Drogs
Au Enterprises, Inc.

David, I would recommend the Neutec casting machines from Rio. First
they are made here in the US so you won’t have any problems getting
parts and supplies. Second they are very well made.

Memco units are not as good as the Neutec machines and Memco wants an
arm and leg for parts and supplies.

All the others are made outside the US and you will find very quickly
you’ve spent several thousand $ on a machine that sits in a corner
waiting on parts more than it is use for production.

Next, You reference to a ‘coil’ heating chamber is a resistance
melting machine and not an induction machine.

Resistance machines are much less than induction but are not nearly
as fast. For instance the Neutec J2r is a resistance machine and it
will take about 30 min. to melt your metal for each batch. The
induction machines will melt in a couple of minutes.

I’m not a big fan of Rio for many reasons but they do make the best
induction melting machines.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

Ken, The coil he may be referring to is the load coil or induction
coil that surrounds the crucible that induces the current into the
crucible and metal.



You could be right.

I do want to put a warning out about buying used induction casting
machines. Be sure they work properly before you buy them. Don’t just
take the sellers word for it. Many times the Galloni machines are for
sale for a reason. Not that this is the case with the 2 that have
been posted here.

Beware when one of the tubes go out you cannot find them in the US
and ordering from Italy can take 6 months. They also are very

Also when ordering tubes from Italy I have seen them come in and not
work. Trying to convince the Italians you did nothing wrong can be
extremely difficult.

Again, if I were to buy an induction machine I would buy one made in
the US.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair