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Acid Etching - Next Question

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Where can I get Nitric Acid?? I’ve tried every local industry I
can think of with no luck. I know I can order through Rio, but
I’d rather purchase locally. The pharmacist said he has a supplier
but can’t guarantee that it would be sent. Where does everyone
else get their’s?


Sharon Ziemek

For a while I wanted to obtain some nitric acid for home use,
but decide I did not have the proper ventalation to use it. I
did find some local sorces though. A local crome plating
operation said I could order some when they made their next
order and that way I could have avoided the hazerdous wast
shiping charge. Another plating company said I could purchase
it from them. you might also try asking someone in the
chemistry department at a local collage.


sharon, this is how i got mine: looked in the yellow pages (new
orleans) under chemicals…called a couple of the suppliers
listed…found one that carried nitric (reagent grade)…smallest
quantity i could buy was 1 gallon…paid 32-33 bucks for it…no
paperwork needed,no problems

also, for tool steel blanks, visit your local wholesale
industial tool supplier…if you tell them you are a student or
an artist, they will go ahead and sell you what you need…worked
for me

good hunting,

 Where can I get Nitric Acid?? 

Try the Yellow pages under ‘Chemicals’.

I had no problem getting nitric, sulphric & hydro-cholric in
industrial grade (70% acid, 30%water). You’ll probably have to
sign the vendors receipt book. The government wants to know who’s
buying stuff that might end up in drugs or explosives.


I have always found most of my chemicals easily available from a
pharmacy supply house. There is usually one in every large city.
Also you would be surprised how much money you can save. Pharmacy
grade boric acid powder is so much cheaper and easier to work
with, and with the cost reduction you can change it often. Jack