G’day; metallic compounds of acetylene are called acetylides, and
those of copper, silver and mercury are those most usually produced.
They are generally made by passing acetylene gas through alkaline
solutions of the metallic salts, when the acetylide is precipitated
as a solid and may be filtered off. (C2X2) They are all EXTREMELY
explosive, and sensitive to touch. Any attempt to make these is
fraught with considerable danger. I would not think it is very
dangerous to pass acetylene through copper tubing for a short time,
provided the tube is quite dry and no alkalies are present. Copper
acetylide may build up in a copper tube over long periods, however.
Nobody in their right minds will attempt to make acetylides - not
even schoolboys: “Look mum, no hands”! – Cheers for now, John
@John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ