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Acetylene torch - something different

I’m kind of a loner out here in the world of torch gases. I’m using
hydrogen/oxygen. I was having problems with major porosity in my
sterling silver castings and was given advice to go to
hydrogen/oxygen. There would have been a big expense with the
regulator I believe, but the guys at the welding supply shop just
lent me one. I’ve had it for 5 years now. They say it is a nearly
invisible flame but after a few hours of working with it, I can see
it just fine. I cast and use it for fabrication. It is a very hot
flame, works quickly and it would disapate upward and out of my
basement if a leak would occur. However I don’t know what it’s
disadvantages are. Peter, do you know if I’ve got a safety issue here
with my hydrogen tank, more so that is than the propane or acetylene
we’ve been discussing? NET