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Acetylene tank caught up in a fire

Hi All, I put up some pictures of what happens when Acetylene and
Oxygen bottles get caught up in a fire.
The fire was in 2001 at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Victoria Falls,
Zimbabwe, where I was renting space for my jewellery workshop… The
fire was caused by a local guy welding on one of the exhaust ducts
of a tumble drier–while the machine was running. As they say, sh*t
happens… Hans Meevis.


That’s just a little worse than I would have expected. Makes me count
my lucky stars when the building I used to work in had a small fire.
11 Stories of pretty much all Jewellers in Sydney, Australia.

A watch maker or setter had a metho lamp go up, lucky it didn’t
spread too much.

I hope no body got hurt in it.