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Accurate gold analyzer

Do you know any very accurate gold analyzer (digital or electronic),
with decimal accurancy, and the pricing more or less?


There are several electronic “gold analyzer” gadgets. They have
serious limitations like the surface quality affecting accuracy. Be
careful, do not overestimate the accuracy-real fire assays are very
inexpensive these days. Often less than $25.00

My opinion is that the most accurate small machines can be off a
karat or two. Even XRF (relatively large expensive electric machines)
can be inaccurate with poor samples or methods.

The best one I have used is the GXL-24PRO from TRI-ELECTRONICS
patent 4799999

Their phone (on my old machine the area code may have changed) Fax

Phone 800-445-4241

Tri Electronics 800-445-4241

I use this machine regularly. I admit I still prefer my old
fashioned scratch stone and a variety of acids for gold, silver and
platinum. Given both methods I get fooled very very rarely, after all
I work at a gold refinery where we spot check incoming goods. I sure
like it when I can return a non-gold item intact to the customer
rather than asking then to accept our opinion on faith alone…

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West

Thanks for the response, But I need something more sophisticated, I
want to provide the service for those people who resells fine gold,
for example to check if the pure gold is 23.99 or 23.85.