Accredited jewelry classes

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone knows of any jewelry classes
available that are accredited. I run my jewelry business on the side
and my primary employer offers tuition reimbursment for college
accredited courses. I am trying to find some classes that I would be
able to take that would meet this criteria. Any thoughts out there?

As always, Thanks in advance!
Shane Morris

I have classes through Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles
that are in the extension and are accredited for semester hours.
Starting May 19th there are 2 classes. Tues. night 7:15 to 10 pm.
This is an advanced class. You must have knowledge for Fabrication or
permission of instructor. The other class is on Sat. 9:30 -12:30 and
is open to beginners as well as advanced students. The session is 10
weeks.We have a one of the most up to date jewelry studios with a
full range of equipment. The Extension office is 310-338-1971. Sue
Dorman @Sue_Dorman

Hello Shane, If you want to find accredited courses for making
jewelry, go to websites for the accredited colleges and universities
in your area and search for jewelry courses. If there is an art
dept. likely it includes at least one metals course. Even if you
don’t actually learn much, you get to use the equipment. If you
find more than one option, go to the schools and check out their
equipment labs - some have limited, beat-up stuff and others really
try to keep up with technology. Choose the school with the best
equipment! Many moons ago when I took such a course, I made as many
things as I could and tried some things that weren’t required. A
good instructor will be delighted to have a student who wants to do
more than the minimum! Good luck, Judy in Kansas where rain is
finally falling… hope it keeps coming for a few days.

Some programs offer state approved diplomas, such as Revere.
There’s the recently re-named Paris Junior College program in Paris,

Also, you could attend Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in
Gaitinburg, TN, there some classes can be taken for credit through
the U of TN. (there is an extra fee for this)

Other schools such as Pennland, Haystack may also have relationships
with colleges, but I only know for sure about Arrowmont.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor

One thought to add here…

Judy’s suggestion about touring the labs of the various schools to
decide which one to go to is very good advice BUT, you should think
about what type of jewelry work you want to be learning, as well.
Some schools focus almost exclusively on art jewelry (one of a kind),
some focus on traditional methods (make everything by hand), some are
very production/real-world focused (figure out how to do it
efficiently 10,000 times), and still others try to teach a little bit
of everything. It may be great to have a well-equipped shop with all
the latest equipment, but if the focus of the metals courses is
different than your own personal focus, it can be a very frustrating
Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry

Hello Shane, I am not sure your geographical location but all
classes at the Meadow Mill Jewelry Studio of MICA…Maryland
Institute College of Art can be taken for college credit. Towson
University also provides metal smithing classes for credit, as well
as Montgomery College. Baltimore Maryland for the first two and
Rockville Maryland for the last. Rene

TIJT at Paris Texas ( 2:20 min trip northeast of Dallas Texas offers
college courses . It is just south of the Oklahoma Border in Texas. A
good preliminary class might be the 1 semester class in gemology. It
is acceptable to AGS for entry into higher level training as a
Certified Gemologist. This class is 8 hrs day 4 1/2 days week plus
lab time available in the evening. 15 Credit hrs as Graduate Of
Gemological Science GGS. I have taken it. I also recommend it.

Other classes are available lead to Associate Degree in Jewelry
Technology 58 hrs 4 semesters with your JA bench test for Jewelry
Bench Technician at its end. These classes can be taken one semester
at a time with a semester break in between. This should be more than
sufficient to qualify for entry into AGS classes toward Certified
Jewelry Appraiser.

A Lot of value for the money . If you want, talk off line with me.